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  • Girls Singing The classic singing battle between the ladies...
  • Boys Singing ...and the gentlemen.

Spring Sing

Spring Sing is a warm-hearted competition between the Ladies and Gentlemen of Eastern choir. It's a production entirely put on by students, from t-shirt designs to scheduling practice times.

This year's plans were altered due to Eastern's reconstruction reschedule. The auditorium was unavailable, so the singers had to move the show to Middletown Methodist. But that didn't affect the performance as the boys won their version of Viva la Vida originally by the brilliant Coldplay, 100 Years by Fighting Fires, and Barbara Ann by the Beach Boys.

The girls held their own with King of Anything by Sarah Bareilles, a mash-up of Rolling in the Deep, Turning Tables, with Someone Like You by Adele, and a E.T. by Katy Perry paired up with Waiting for the End by Linkin Park.