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  • Powderpuff Seniors

Powderpuff Football

The student section roars with excitement. The bleachers quiver under the thunderous cheers. Green, yellow, red and blue t-shirts hurl themselves at each other in the physical battle of the year.

This is a battle. This is Powderpuff.

When most people think about October, they think Halloween and Breast Cancer Awareness. For students, we think about homecomings and...POWDERPUFF. Powderpuff is essentially flag football for girls. Classes compete for the traditional bragging rights of Powderpuff Champion.

As is tradition, the first game to kick off the night was the freshmen vs. seniors. Then the sophomores challenge the juniors. Predictably, the unexperienced freshman team and the upstart sophomores did not fare too well, falling to the superior athleticism of the older and wisened senior and juniors teams, respectively. And as was expected, the juniors squared off against the reigning champions, the seniors.

This was a tough senior team, since they won the powder puff tournament their junior year. And sure enough, the seniors repeated their success of their junior year by defeating the 2012-2013 juniors in a game that came down to the last few plays.