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Ping Pong Team

Rapidly growing as easily the school's most popular club is the Ping Pong club. Ping Pong meets on Monday afternoon, where the paddle warriors battle it out within the confines of Mr. Johnson's room. The men try their best to win as many games as possible and break a sweat.

This is the second year the club has had the opportunity to play other schools in matches. With these competitions in mind, the club hopes to one day be called a sport (meaning they could change the name from Ping Pong to Table Tennis). Although the club is developing rapidly, they do not plan on ever sporting short-shorts and headbands, nor do they advocate the wearing thereof.

Club sponsor and biggest excuse giver, Mr. Johnson, is welcome to any new comers (preferably beginners that he can actually beat) to join the club. Please keep in mind, members of the Ping Pong club take no prisoners and are not in the least bit scared to "skunk" you. Join at your own risk.