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Language Clubs

Although inconspicuous, Eastern’s French, German, and Spanish Clubs are filled with an abundance of activity. The cultural enrichment that these clubs provide is educational as well as fun. Some activities include cultural videos, presenting German art and history, festivals, and preparing Spanish dishes, dancing and dinners to Los Aztecas.

French Club

Eastern’s French Club works not only to learn the ins and outs of this extraordinary language of love, they place emphasis on learning the culture of France. Through their involvement in this club, the students are able to realize the significance and the variation of life outside of their own country.

This year the group is led by Ms. Croket. This club allows interested students of all races and religions to explore the language and France as a whole, outside of their French class and outside of their race or religion. In the club they get an in depth and up close examination of their customs.

Spanish club

The goal of the Spanish Club is to create awareness and appreciation for the Hispanic culture, its traditions and customs, and give EHS students the opportunity to practice their Spanish-speaking language skills. At the meetings, participants will engage in activities such as playing Spanish scrabble, Spanish Jeopardy; learning dances and/or songs from the Spanish-speaking world; listen to guest speakers who will present a topic related to Hispanic culture; and, participate in "charlas", informal chats, in which the students will discuss topics of their choice. We may also visit a local restaurant that serves typical Hispanic food.

German club

The German Club strives to familiarize themselves with more than just the German language but more importantly with the entire German culture. The students examine the customs and everyday ways of life of the people in Germany and work to better understand them.

They work to increase their awareness of life outside the United States. The members try to learn as much as possible about a different culture not just to know another language, but to also have the advantage over some to be able to be bilingual and communicate with others of other countries. In this day and age as our own country becomes more diverse it is imperative that we expose our young people to these differing cultures.

This year's club members joined to enrich their own awareness of German culture and to explore life outside of the United States.