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Interact club

Did you know that there is a Club at Eastern dedicated to serving others? There are no trophies, no awards, no medals, only the self satisfaction received from kindness. The Interact Club has over 50 student members who provide “life-changing” personal service to those in need. On a weekly basis from 2:30 to 3:30, members of the Interact Club provide tutoring services in reading and math to children at Hite and Middletown Elementary Schools, and assistance to mentally challenged young adults at St. Mary’s Center located on Old Shelbyville Road. Students travel to St. Mary’s Center on Tuesdays to spend time doing arts and crafts, playing games, and just being a good listener. On Wednesday's volunteers go to Middletown Elementary and on Thursdays volunteers travel to Hite Elementary, where a child has been assigned to each Eastern student.

The Eastern Interact members have been very successful in bringing their assigned students up to their correct reading and math levels. As we all know, when a child becomes proficient in reading, there is a definite and positive change in their future. Eastern’s Interact members make a difference. And they do so by serving those in need. If there are any other students who would like to be part of this unique group, just see Mr. Haysley (the Club Sponsor) for additional information.