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High school of business™

  • The mission of High School of Business™ is to prepare students to excel in college-level business administration programs.
  • High School of Business™ is a program of the Marketing & Business Administration Research and Curriculum Center (MBAResearch), a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting education for and about business and marketing.
  • High School of Business™ courses are taught using problem and project-based pedagogy; in other words, students actively complete projects and solve problems in each course.
  • High School of Business™ courses are rigorous, yet the hands-on aspect makes them fun as well.
  • Teachers receive ongoing training related to the curriculum and the changing business world.
  • Teachers, counselors and administrators have access to the High School of Business™ network (both the national program office and other school sites) for professional support.
  • Eastern High School has formed partnerships with the business community and local college/university faculty as part of providing the best possible business education for your students.
  • Eastern’s High School of Business™ program is implemented through a Steering Team, which consists of teachers, administrators, guidance counselors, local business professionals and college representatives.
  • High School of Business™ has six required courses: Principles of Business, Business Economics, Principles of Marketing, Principles of Finance, Principles of Management, and Business Strategies.  Your school may have elected to offer two optional courses: Leadership and Wealth Management.
  • All High School of Business™ students will complete an observational internship with one or more local business executives during their senior year or the summer preceding.
  • Eastern High School currently has a dual-credit agreement in place with Spalding University for Principles of Marketing and Principles of Management. Students can earn 3 college credits for each course. Eastern High School is also pursuing opportunities to offer college credit through Jefferson Community and Technical College for Principles of Business and Business Economics.
  • Students who successfully complete the High School of Business™ program will be prepared for the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) offered at www.collegeboard.com.  The CLEP exams for Principles of Marketing and Principles of Management have been considered in the design of the High School of Business™ program.
  • High School of Business™ courses are appropriate for students who are:
    • Planning to major in business administration (including general business, marketing, finance, accounting, management or economics) in college
    • Naturally talented in leading and organizing other people or projects
    • Bright, yet struggle in a traditional classroom.  Such students have the potential to thrive in a project/problem-based environment.
    • Considering earning an MBA later in life.

Go to http://www.mbaresearch.org/index.php/program-development/program-designs/hsb to learn more about High School of Business™!

sequence of courses

For more information about Eastern's High School of Business™ program, contact jodi.adams@jefferson.kyschools.us.


1st Semester

2nd Semester

Grade 9

Computer Literacy

Computer Literacy

Grade 10

Principles of Business

Business Economics

Grade 11

Principles of Marketing

Principles of Management

Grade 12

Principles of Finance

Business Strategies