Eastern High School Eastern High School
12400 Old Shelbyville Road
Louisville, Kentucky 40243

About SBDM

The Kentucky Department of Education is committed to providing a better education for each child. Educators have known for a long time that children do better in school when parents are involved. Now, the Kentucky education statutes give parents an official role in their children's schools. The law makes parents full partners in the improvement of education.

The process is called School-Based Decision Making. As of July 1996, every school in Kentucky uses this decision making process. A few schools are exempt by statute. A school council (usually consisting of two parents, three teachers, and a principal) works together to develop policies and approve plans to help the children at that school succeed. With School-Based Decision Making, the people who are closer to the school and students now make many policies and decisions that were previously made by state government or local school boards.

Eastern High School SBDM - Important Information

SBDM Meeting minutes - Meeting minutes can be found on the JCPS SBDM minutes page at http://www.jefferson.k12.ky.us/Programs/SBDM/minutes.html#eastern

SBDM Policies - Wondering where you can find school policy information? Current policies are public record. A copy is available for you to look at in the front office and at all public libraries.

SBDM Reps - Feel free to email the parent representatives with questions concerning SBDM. You can reach Jeff Riddle at JRiddle@mfpd.org or Skip Hahnert at skiphahnert@gmail.com.

Meeting Dates